SMB3 BossBass artwork

Super Mario Bros. 3 artwork.

Boss Bass is a large Cheep-Cheep found in some Mario games


Super Mario Bros. 3Edit

The Boss Bass made its debut in Super Mario Bros. 3, where it is one of the most feared versions of Cheep-Cheep. They would swim at the surface and jump out of the water a try to eat Mario. If it succeeds in doing so, Mario will be defeated in one gulp. They can be hard to avoid, however, as most of the levels it appears in have many low platforms, making Mario an easier target. They can be KO'ed by throwing blocks, hammers, fireballs, shells, hitting them with the tail attack, and using a Starman, but return a few seconds later to continue its pursuit.

New Super Mario Bros.Edit

In New Super Mario Bros. a Spike Bass is introduced and attacks very similar, but it doesn't eat Mario.